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Doris – Resident of the Month

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Our September Resident of the Month is the spunky Doris! She is 93 years young and was born in Greenwood, South Carolina. She loves her home state and spent most of her life here! She married Sam and they moved to Laurens, SC. They have 3 children – Tom who is married to Sara, Shay who is married to Kent and Pat who is married to Ron. The highlights of her life are her children, grandchildren – Logan, Andrew, Stewart, Sam, and Jack, and her great-grandchildren, Lyon and Gideon!

Doris is a great Christian mom who raised her kids to love Jesus and to pray daily. We are very thankful for her many prayers for us and her family. She also taught Sunday School and sang alto in the choir.

Another talent Doris has is that she is an amazing seamstress and very creative. She made a lot of her children’s clothes when they were younger. Their homes still have beautiful curtains she designed and constructed. She also made her grandson Sam’s nursery and crib set. She has a knack for putting things together and making them look perfect.

dorisAn extraordinary memory the kids have is Doris making their wedding cakes. What amazing and beautiful cakes they were. They were all works of art. She is very talented. She loves to travel, cook, go to plays, square dance, watch and attend sporting events, and play cards.

Back in the day, Doris was brave and adventurous. She could not swim, but she would still waterski behind the boat. One time, she was skiing, and looked down and did not have on a lifesaving ski belt! Instead of making a scared scene, she calmly signaled to the boat driver, and they got her back to shore safely. Thank goodness!

She has been at The Springs at Simpsonville for a year and a half, and we are so pleased to have her. She enjoys being at The Springs and participates in all of the activities. Her children say that they are thankful for The Springs staff and all they do for her. We are also thankful, thankful to have her here!

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