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We think the most powerful advocates for The Springs at Simpsonville are the families, loved ones and professionals whose lives are touched by our care. We asked a few of these people to share their story, and what The Springs has meant to them.

Ardel Pennington

Resident Ardel Pennington is an ardent reader and enjoys beautiful, scenic views. At The Springs, we have a vast library of books to choose from as well as a plethora of gorgeous, scenic views around our campus.

Peggy Robertson

Peggy Robertson, daughter of The Springs at Simpsonville’s longest tenured resident, shares her experience with our Friends for Life program. She highlights our careful dedication to low staff turnover, and how special that makes our residents feel to develop lasting bonds with their caregivers.

Angela McCarthy

Angela McCarthy, niece of a resident, notes our family atmosphere and how much The Springs feels like home. With our engagement programs, we seek to develop individual care plans that allow each resident to stay engaged in the ways that they are able.

Mary Sloan

Resident Mary Sloan knows that idleness is the devil’s workshop. At The Springs, we have a wide variety of activities to ensure that our residents stay active and engaged with both their home here at the Springs, and with the community around them.

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