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Life at The Springs is as comfortable as an old friend
and as energizing as an exciting new journey.

Life at The Springs keeps you right in the heart of it all!

Life at The Springs

If Norman Rockwell had painted the nooks and crannies of southern living, he might have found a muse in Simpsonville. And right in the middle of Simpsonville’s southern charm is The Springs where a strong sense of family and tradition still thrives.

On any given day, you might find residents from The Springs hopping on a golf cart for a quick ride over to the Ice Cream Station—that two scoops for a nickel kind of parlor that used to line our nation’s streets—or walking down Main Street shopping. Whether it’s these daily excursions or a special appearance in the Simpsonville Christmas parade, life at The Springs is woven into the fabric of the town, the same fabric of Rockwell’s Americana.

In fact, The Springs has such a strong heritage as part of downtown Simpsonville that even the old Howard residence—a downtown fixture for generations—has been transformed into luxury senior apartments. “In the late ‘90s when my grandmother (Adeline Garrison) needed assistance, we had no place in Simpsonville to care for her,” says owner Hunter Howard. “We decided to use the land next door to her house to build an assisted living community. We felt The Springs would be a great legacy to her and everyone who needed help in their senior years.”

For over 15 years now, The Springs has served our residents in the same loving manner we would serve our own families. With love. With dignity. With new opportunities. With respect for their legacies.

We welcome you to drop by any time for a glass of lemonade and a tour of our inspired senior living community that truly keeps you in the heart of it all.


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