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Why Seniors Like You are Redefining Retirement

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Retirement is defined as a time in one’s life when they can refrain from having to work full-time to provide for themselves or their family. Retirement used to be seen as what elderly people did when they needed to wind down and discontinue the stresses associated with making ends meet. It almost had a negative connotation associated with becoming irrelevant and obsolete. However, we have seen a culture shift in the way people are aging and what happens when they do start entering their “retirement” years. Thanks to this social change, seniors are now redefining what retirement means.

Some individuals are retiring earlier and jumping right back into the workforce. These older adults see retirement as a way to change careers. According to the (GEM) Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 18% of 50-64-year-olds and 13% of 65-80-year-olds are entrepreneurs and continue working, this is compared to only 11% of younger adults. Not only are seniors staying active in the workforce but they are thriving in it. Supreme Court Judges are now serving longer terms than ever before. American President Donald Trump is currently 70 years old, and the African President Nelson Mandela was elected at the ripe age of 76. This trend is seen across many different industries, with such examples as superstar Cher, who still to this day is performing concerts at the vibrant age of 71.

Seniors are not just continuing work after retirement but are also more active in general. Retirement now gives seniors more time to spend with their spouse, grandchildren, and friends. In the cultural shift towards a more dynamic elderly population, we have seen active older adult communities on the rise. Seniors are also finding new hobbies and improving their lifestyles. Society’s old views concerning seniors are being transformed into fresh outlooks where seniors are more active, remaining healthy and independent much longer. Being more independent allows a senior to live with more authority and experience a stronger sense of accomplishment. There has also been a shift in senior living communities towards more eco-friendly mindsets with more energetic activities available that enable seniors to participate in the stewardship of the planet and champion sustainable attitudes.

Retiring to a senior living community, much like The Springs at Simpsonville, allows the focus to be shifted from managing a home potentially isolated from others to managing a social life with less stress concerning home maintenance. The opportunities are endless for making friends and building new relationships. Managing relationships later in life cures more than boredom; it has been related to numerous health benefits. Potentially it can lower blood pressure, the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular issues, and even reduce some mental health issues such as depression. Ongoing social interaction keeps cognitive functionality high has a remarkably positive impact on the health of any individual.

Stay active helps keep one’s brain sharp. Some seniors stay active by traveling or even volunteering. A very obvious way to keep high cognitive function is by going back to school or taking vocational courses online. It does not matter how old an individual may get; they are never too old to learn something new. Learning a new language or instrument can be accomplished at any age and helps maintain mental prowess. Healthy activities can range from dancing to playing golf with a myriad of other examples to consider.

In this historic moment, adventurous and active retirees will constantly be redefining retirement. Seniors who retire have a chance to explore new enjoyments and find a fresh perspective on life. We would love to show you around our beautiful community here at The Springs of Simpsonville and let you experience what an active and engaging lifestyle could look like for you or your loved one. Schedule a tour today!


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