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Memory Care Greenville SC – Think Assisted Living For Alzheimer’s Care Versus Care At Home

Think Assisted Living for Alzheimer’s Care Versus Care at Home

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Alzheimer’s is one of those diseases that millions of Americans have heard about, but few understand. Many people will hear the term, ‘Alzheimer’s,’ and think how tragic it is and realize people with that disease might forget their loved ones, but there are many other signs and symptoms involved with dementia. Your mother or father might have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It might have been just a short while ago or many years. At some point, you thought it would simply be easier to have them move in with you rather than look for a memory care option.

There are different types of elder care available, but nothing is more effective at supporting and encouraging people with Alzheimer’s than a memory care assisted living community.

What does this care offer that you can’t?

Memory Care Greenville SC - Think Assisted Living for Alzheimer's Care Versus Care at Home

Memory Care Greenville SC – Think Assisted Living for Alzheimer’s Care Versus Care at Home

In general terms, you can probably do well for your aging mother in this situation. If she was recently diagnosed, the current symptoms might not feel or seem overwhelming. Given enough time, though, you could be at your wits end, wondering what else you could do, being hurt by things that are said or done, and crying yourself to sleep at night wishing for things you never thought you would wish for.

You might very well be able to tend to your parent’s needs for the rest of their life. You may be able to handle the outbursts of anger. You might be able to accept the challenges to your relationship that this diagnosis can pose. You might be able to handle the emotional turmoil and the hurricanes of doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, regret, and so much more that keep making landfall in your week after week, month after month.

A quality memory care community, however, can help you separate from the job of taking care of somebody with Alzheimer’s and allow you to focus on the relationship, the love, and the connection.
Let’s talk about some of the things that a quality memory care facility can do that you might not be able to do.

Encourage mental stimulation.

Did you know that studies suggest mental stimulation, even for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, can help to slow down the progression of the disease (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation)?

Quality caregivers at assisted living communities that specialize in memory care do. They may encourage mental stimulation through a wide range of activities. You might not see how this is helpful, but quality of life can be improved for a bit longer if you can slow the progression down.

Encourage activity.

In your busy days, you might not have the time or energy to make sure your aging parent is involved in various activities, but a quality memory care assisted living community will. That doesn’t mean they have to participate, but they will be encouraged in a loving and supporting way to do so.

Encourage connections.

When people live alone or with an adult child, they don’t often interact with people their age. That can be so beneficial for quality of life and comfort in the years ahead. So, you might think you’re doing the best thing (and you might very well be), but nothing serves a person with Alzheimer’s better than a trained and experienced memory care facility.

If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to an Assisted Living Facility for Memory Care Services in Greenville SC please contact the caring staff at The Springs at Simpsonville today. 864-962-8570

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