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Helping Older Adults Prepare for Senior Health Visits

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Maturing as an adult means experiencing many physical and mental changes as you get older affecting overall senior health. The Springs at Simpsonville understands the medical needs associated with age, and we know that this may mean more frequent doctor visits. Given how important interactions with doctors are, it’s essential to try and help seniors handle visits comfortably and effectively.


For many older adults, doctor visits can be stressful; making a checklist to stay organized will help ease anxiety. Construct a checklist to remember important questions or concerns you might have, doctor visits move reasonably quickly, and it’s easy to get off topic. List any current allergies or medical conditions, and current prescriptions you may be taking. If you have any other doctors that deal with your senior health make sure to write down their information in case it’s needed. Remember you can also use the checklist you brought to write down any important notes or doctor’s instructions that might be forgotten.

Put It on the Schedule

Weeks ahead of time you should plan out any transportation arrangements if needed, whether you’re driving yourself, a loved one taking you, or community transportation. Take an in-depth look at how you’ve been feeling and note any changes in medical conditions. Be sure to schedule appointments that are convenient for you, reducing stress and rushed situations that may cause problems.

Pack Everything Needed

Have everything you may need for your doctor appointment organized and ready! Insurance information, photo ID to verify who you are as well as any payment methods if required. Don’t forget the checklist you made so you don’t forget to ask your doctor those critical questions and communicate any concerns you may be having about senior health. If you are scheduled to take any medications at or during the time of your appointment make sure to pack the doses required safely. The last thing anyone would want to do is to wait for weeks, or even months for an appointment only to come unprepared.

Senior Doctor Visit


It’s normal to feel unsure about something and want to give it a double-check, especially when it involves senior health. If at any time, you’re confused about anything your doctor has to say make sure to speak up! Even if you have questions about new medications recommended, problems with treatment, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Doctor visits usually involve new medications, and dosing instructions, ensure when new prescriptions should be picked up and how to take them properly. If there are further testing or labs required, verify at checkout after the appointment. Be sure to take care of any payments that are due and schedule follow-up appointments but remember to come up with a plan and make it convenient for you.

Handling doctor appointments and managing your health can be an exhausting task for older adults. Overwhelming health experiences may shy people away from dealing with them in the future. It can be even more overwhelming to have to deal with physical and mental changes along with tedious doctor visits. The Springs at Simpsonville believes in relieving overall anxiety, and excellent senior health is the first step in a wonderful life!

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