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5 Safe Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

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Spring is here, and that can mean a lot of work for seniors wanting to give their home a thorough spring cleaning. As your loved one ages, deep cleaning can become a daunting task for them, especially if regular housekeeping is no longer a task they can complete alone. Keeping a clean home is essential, and will reduce indoor toxins and allergens which will improve overall home health.

Keeping up with cleaning a home can become stressful, and having additional support can be extremely helpful. The Springs at Simpsonville understands that the hardest part of spring cleaning can be deciding where to start, so here are five tips to make the job easier:

1. Be Prepared

Make a checklist of things to clean like “sweep off the porch” or “clean out the fridge.” Use this list to guide you through the spring-cleaning process to ensure you don’t overlook anything and save time.

Ensure you have the correct cleaning products and tools to handle your tasks safely. Having the right cleaning supplies for a variety of surfaces in the home will make cleaning easier for you and your loved one. Along with having the right cleaning supplies, be sure to avoid using toxic chemicals in your home!

2. Clear Out the Clutter

It’s important to clear unnecessary clutter out of the way, which may be one of the most significant steps because it can be dangerous. It is hazardous for high-traffic areas like doorways, walkways, and stairs to be crowded. Making room for the cleaning process will decrease the risk of your loved one falling or hurting themselves. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt because an old stack of newspapers or magazines were in the way that could have been thrown out or recycled if possible.

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3. Safety First!

Spring cleaning is important, but you also want to ensure your loved one’s home is a safe place for them to live. Start by reviewing the safety devices like the smoke detector in the house and make sure they are working correctly, and replace any batteries as needed. Thoroughly inspect your loved one’s medicine cabinet. Over time, medicines become expired and can be dangerous if taken. Medications should be disposed of properly and safely to avoid misuse of unsafe medicine.

Scan through the house and make additional safety adjustments as needed for the home. Don’t forget to add these chores to your guide list to keep the cleaning process organized.

4. It’s in the Air

Sometimes your home may look clean, but there are potential pollens and airborne allergens that you can’t see. If your loved one’s home contains a variety of plant and animal life, it is a potential source of allergens. Indoor allergens can cause symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, or watering of the eyes as well as allergic reactions to the skin such as eczema.

Go through and intensively dust the home, clean all ducts and vents, replace heating and air conditioning filters as needed. Check for any pipe leaks or excessive areas of moisture that could be a source of molds. The key to controlling allergies in your loved one’s home is understanding the location and nature of common household allergens.

5. Take Your Time!

Refer to the guide you made to take it step by step and keep yourself organized and help reduce your loved one’s stress. Important things take a lot of time, and you don’t want to rush and miss anything. If things get too hectic, take a break and start again. You don’t have to finish it as quick as possible; remember that!

There are numerous things you cannot prepare for, but you can organize and help your parents adjust and minimize the stress that comes with this hard work. Remember, spring cleaning can be fun, and leaves you with a sense of having a fresh start and clean home. Never let your loved one do it alone, heavy lifting, reaching, bending, and cleaning can be hard alone especially on a senior citizen.

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