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Elder Care Five Forks SC – Affordability Of Assisted Living Over Other Elder Care Options

Affordability of Assisted Living Over Other Elder Care Options

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When discussing elder care options among family, coworkers, friends, aging parents, or other loved ones, one of the first topics that (often) comes up is cost. Too many people overlook the value of assisted living simply because they assume it is out of their price range. Yet, when you compare assisted living with most other types of elder care, you can quickly understand the value in it and that, for what you get in support and care, it is very affordable.

Let’s look at averages when it comes to elder care costs.

Elder Care Five Forks SC - Affordability of Assisted Living Over Other Elder Care Options

Elder Care Five Forks SC – Affordability of Assisted Living Over Other Elder Care Options

The cost of elder care is on the rise. There is no escaping that. It’s rising not just due to inflation, but because of supply and demand economics. The baby boomer generation is well in retirement years and that is expected to continue for another decade and a half.

By the year 2035, the elderly in the United States are expected to account for 20 percent of the entire population. As people live longer, they need more long-term care options, including assisted living.

Other types of elder care that either leave you feeling isolated and lonely, or frustrated because you can’t do what you want anymore average $55,000 to $85,000 annually. In some states, you could expect to incur costs over $300,000 for one year of elder care, and feel as though you have no control over your life.

Then, you have assisted living, which is very affordable when you consider what you get. But what do you get with this type of elder care compared to others? The opportunity to maximize the quality of life while having those seniors living as independently as possible, with support readily available anytime day or night, with activities, transportation options, and much more possible.

What makes assisted living better than all other care choices?

Simply put, the opportunity to live life on their terms. You’re not going to get that in other facility-style care. Many seniors who prefer to remain home end up feeling lonely and isolated. They spend most of their days by themselves without visitors. Oftentimes, unfortunately, without even a phone call from a friend or family member.

But, at assisted living, seniors can stay in the room if they want, but most will get out, walk around, meet up with other residents, and people their age, and participate in activities like arts and crafts, music, or whatever else the facility provides, perhaps enjoy a nice fitness center, great dining options, and entertainment.

You see, when people look at elder care with cost as the first thing they see, they miss out on the value provided. There is simply no better elder care option out there about true value than assisted living.

If you or somebody you love is having difficulties in their later years of life and needs support, talk to them about assisted living. They worked hard their whole life; they deserve to still live it to the full and they can do exactly that at assisted living. You can’t put a price tag on that.

If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to an Assisted Living Facility for Elder Care Services in Five Forks SC please contact the caring staff at The Springs at Simpsonville today. 864-962-8570

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