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Elderly Care Simpsonville SC – Medicare Is Always Changing The Rules!

Medicare is Always Changing the Rules!

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Medicare is always changing the rules!

Written by Bonnie Dobbs, Senior Health Benefits Consultant

You are being recorded!

Elderly Care Simpsonville SC - Medicare is Always Changing the Rules!

Elderly Care Simpsonville SC – Medicare is Always Changing the Rules!

Yes, that’s right! Last year Medicare implemented a new rule that all calls with plan specific information and enrollment of a client must be recorded. And agents must play a pre-recorded message or read verbatim from a script provided by CMS at the beginning of any sales call within the first minutes. That pre-recorded message states that the call is being recorded, we do not offer every plan available in your area and any information we provide is limited to our plans in your area. It goes on to say please call Medicare at 1-800- blah blah blah or go to Medicare.gov to view all your options.

Well, I am sure you are feeling confident now! Right? The reason for this level of transparency is because unethical agents and deceptive TV or radio commercials, print ads and other advertisements mislead you to believe those pie-in-the-sky benefits are available to everyone. They are available, but usually only to a small population across the country. With conversations being recorded, the CMS can review the recording if they receive a complaint. Then they can catch and punish those deceitful agents. I am all in for getting those agents out of the business! YAY! One exception is that a few companies only offer their plans through captive agents. A captive agent has access to their company plan offerings only and cannot compare with other plans available in your area. For those plans, you must call the insurance company direct.

However, this recording appears to make compliant agents look suspicious or inadequate because it states they do not offer every plan in your area. My agents have access to compare and review every plan available but choose not to enroll clients in certain companies. Some important factors we consider include how long the company has been in business, their star rating, if they have a large network of providers and if the company is stable.

This new ruling which began last year is a blessing and a curse. I hope this information helps you understand why it was put in place and how it is has impacted trustworthy agents. If you have a question you would like me to address, please call my office at 770-373-7541.

Bonnie Dobbs is a highly sought-after author, panelist and speaker on Medicare, teaching thousands online, in print and in person! The Owner and Founder of Insurance and Other Red Tape, Bonnie is a broker contracted with multiple insurance carriers and has a team of agents licensed in Georgia and many other states. Their services are always free. www.insuranceandotherredtape.com

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