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Being Positive with a Respite Care Provider

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Do you look at the glass as half full or half empty? It is important to implement exercises that develop positivity, especially when it comes to providing care for another individual. If you do not strive for positivity, it can unravel into a mess of tumbled hurtful intentions. There are various ways to ease the pressure off of yourself when balancing caretaking, a career, and a life. One way is to utilize a respite care provider for an external source of information and guidance. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with caregiver burnout. It can be intimidating when using an outside care option, but it is important to stay positive with a respite care provider in the picture.

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A lot of times people feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit that they need some backup. We are all human and only capable of so much. If everyone could do it all on their own, all the time, we wouldn’t have caregivers, personal chefs, babysitters, trainers, etc. A respite care provider at The Springs manages medication, social events, multiple meals, snacks, hygiene assistance, personal needs, and overnight help. Enjoy a day, a weekend, or even a week break and seek respite care. If you’re not afraid to ask for help, don’t be afraid to direct your focus either.

Direct Your Focus

Consciously focus and absorb positive experiences. According to Dr. Rick Hanson, our brains have evolved to incorporate negativity to protect ourselves from threats and danger. A negative experience will sink into our psyche and stay there much longer than a positive one. This defense mechanism is great for keeping your physical body safe, but it is not as great for your emotional state. It is not easy for anyone to constantly stay positive; you have to continually shift your mindset and direct your focus towards the bright side. When utilizing a respite care provider, do not focus on the fact that you are not the one caring for your loved one, focus on the fact you deserve some free time and that there are people out there wanting to help you. Take a moment and reflect on the positive things that happen throughout your day instead of dwelling on the negative interactions you experienced. If you still have trouble staying positive, you can always seek it from others.

Strive to Socialize

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It can be challenging to keep your focus on the positive side all the time. A great way to combat this is with being social. Whether you are discussing ways to stay positive with your respite care provider or ways to mix a martini with a neighbor, it is always healthy to strive to socialize throughout your day. If you really want to get the most out of your socialization, you can utilize it to take your mind of stressors in your life. The other side of the spectrum would be to socialize in support groups and congregate to find ways to deal with the stressors in your life.

If you are finding it hard to make time to socialize, then respite care may be the answer you are searching for. If you are utilizing respite care currently, do not let yourself feel down by it. Using the resources at your

disposal is never a bad or weak thing! Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Try and direct your focus on staying positive and strive to socialize to influence optimism into your life.


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