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How to prepare seniors for a storm

<p>It looks like snow might come to Simpsonville this weekend. And so we’ve got everything prepared. That picture above is what not preparing for a storm looks like. We don’t plan on any of that in Simpsonville!</p>
<p>But if you are a family member or are still providing in-home care for your loved one, it’s best to review preparation techniques. The goal is easy: to keep your loved one safe through the winter.</p>

<p>Beyond snow itself, and the havoc it can bring, there is slippery ice to contend with. Power outages. Fires started in fireplaces and from candles. Carbon monoxide. </p>

<p>Luckily, we have a lists of items to keep in a duffle bag and dust off when the storm comes. If your relative or loved one already lives here at the Springs, they have nothing to fear!</p>

<li>Extra batteries</li>
<li>First aid supplies</li>
<li>Packaged foods</li>
<li>Water – five gallons</li>
<li>Heat Source (fireplace or space heater)</li>
<li>Matches (in a ziplock bag)</li>
<li>Fire extinguisher</li>
<li>Rock salt (melts snow)</li>
<li>Snow shovel</li>
<li>Extra blankets</li>
<li>ID, insurance card, keys</li>
<p>There are also steps you can take around the houses of loved ones to ensure that they’ll be as safe as can be.
<p>Home Preparation Steps</p>
<li>Insulate pipes to prevent freezing</li>
<li>Cover water spouts</li>
<li>Know where water and gas shutoff valves are</li>
<li>Cover windows to prevent penetration of cold or loss of heat</li>
<li>Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector (install if not in use)</li>
<li>Store additional heating fuel if able</li>
<li>Fill up your car’s gas tank (avoid freezing lines)</li>
<p><strong>Bundle up!</strong></p>

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