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Beginning a Conversation About Senior Care

Ready to start the assisted living conversation, but not sure where to start? We understand. Finding a way to talk to your loved ones about senior care options can be difficult. You’re not alone!

The Springs at Simpsonville offers our e-book How to Begin a Dialogue About Senior Care to share with you what we’ve learned from working with families over the years. We hope you find this resource helpful, and, of course, our staff members are always happy to answer questions and guide you through understanding senior care options.

An Excerpt from How to Begin a Dialogue About Senior Care:

Though we might not have said it openly in talking with our parents—or even in our own minds, the primary challenge to this dialogue is an understanding that the conversation is about loss. The discussion isn’t primarily about the options that can help our parents as they age. It’s not about bringing in care to the home or looking for new living arrangements. The very heart of the dialogue is about loss.

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