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Obtain Better Health Through Exercise

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It’s important for people all ages to get exercise regularly. That goes for young children through the elderly, even those aging men and women who might be dealing with chronic health issues, physical infirmities, injuries, or other challenges. Assisted living is a great place for these elderly men and women to not only feel more comfortable and confident in life, but to be able to get the kind of exercise they need, deserve, and often want without worrying. With the assistance of elderly care this can be done.

Just because seniors can get exercise at assisted living communities doesn’t mean all of them provide fitness centers. A fitness center can be a great asset, especially for those seniors who want to ‘stay in shape,’ but they aren’t absolutely necessary.

There are many ways aging seniors can get exercise.

Elderly Care Five Forks SC - Obtain Better Health Through Exercise

Elderly Care Five Forks SC – Obtain Better Health Through Exercise

Did you know that even elderly people, including those who had recently suffered heart attacks, are often advised by their doctors to get at least 15 minutes of solid, cardiovascular exercise every day?

That is at a minimum.

For somebody of advancing years who may have chosen assisted living because of physical limitations, health challenges, or other factors, they don’t have to give up on exercise, trying to stay fit, or even gaining energy.

Simply going for a walk up and down the hall or down the stairs, if they can do so safely, can be a wonderful way for people to get some exercise. Spending most of their time in a room while sitting down, playing some games, watching TV or classic movies, or some other similar type of inactivity is not going to help.

Walking, playing some physical games outside, such as shuffleboard or even tennis, if the senior has the physical ability and desire to do so, can be great for helping people get exercise.

Make sure the facility offers the assistance needed, if the elderly wants to take part in these types of activities.

Not every assisted living facility is going to have the staff able to help elderly residents do some of these activities safely. An elderly person who may rely on a walker or cane to get around can certainly walk the hallways to get some exercise, but if they truly want to elevate their heartrate, they may have to go at a faster pace than what may be safe alone.

An elderly care aide may be able to assist that senior once a day or every other day, for example. Find out what the facility provides as far as support is concerned to determine which assisted living community is best for your loved one.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to an Assisted Living Facility for Elderly Care in Five Forks SC please contact the caring staff at The Springs at Simpsonville today. 864-962-8570

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