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Free, Fun and Fab: Facebook for Seniors

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A recent report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project shows that Senior Citizens are the fastest growing segment of Facebook users in the U.S. Seniors can view photos, stay current on news, and even keep up with friends and family. Besides keeping up with old friends and family, Facebook offers a way for seniors to stay connected with past favorite places to visit, like restaurants and shops.

Through Facebook, seniors are ever more able to make and maintain connections. Many of our seniors stay in touch and involved with friends from high school, college, and adult life. We see seniors connecting and engaging with children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. The places our seniors have enjoyed visiting are often on Facebook as well, allowing us to stay involved with our churches, social clubs and businesses. It’s a blessing for seniors with in-home caregivers who no longer travel easily.

Because so many seniors are now using Facebook, you are sure to find old friends online. You can rekindle friendships and connections like never before, and stay abreast of the lives of those that you’ve met along the way. The fact is, staying socially active is an essential element in prolonging life and combating loneliness. Even though we may be together less, Facebook can keep us as connected as ever.

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